MSN Spatial Sampling Optimization (SSO) package is designed

  • According to the latest MSN (Mean of Surface with Non-homogeneity) theory;
  • Calculating the global mean amd its variance;
  • Estimating the number of additional spatial samples needed;
  • Exporting the distribution of samples;
  • ...


Case Study

        A sample of Chinese meteorological stations adjustment was supported to run the package. There are 716 stations currently. The meteorological element is average temperature from 1997 to 2007. Detailed operation of the package was given in the demo. Go to...

Download and Installation

    The package was developed using C# and C++ under 32bit Windows XP SP2. It is completely free.
    Download MSN Meteorological Network Optimization package.

    It requires following runtime environments:

        (1) Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (x86)

        (2) Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)


    The package can be cited as following forms:

        (1) Jin-Feng Wang, George Christakos, Mao-Gui Hu, Modeling spatial means of surfaces with stratified non-homogeneity. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2009, 47(12): 4167-4174.

        (2) Mao-Gui Hu, Jin-Feng Wang. A spatial sampling optimization package using MSN theory. Environmental Modelling & Software, 2011, 26(4): 546-548.


    List for articles related to the method and package:

        Yun-Feng Xie, Xue-Wen Li, Jin-Feng Wang, George Christokos, Mao-Gui Hu, Li-Hong An, Fa-Sheng Li. Spatial estimation of antibiotic residues in surface soils in a typical intensive vegetable cultivation area in China. Science of the Total Environment, 2012, 430C: 126-131.

Contact Infomation

    Email: (Maogui Hu)

    Address: Room 2305, A11 Datun Road, Beijing, China.

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